How Bing is Challenging Google’s Supremacy, Engine for Yahoo

Ever since Bing was relased many internet analysts suggested that the microsoft based search engine would be able to change the way the online system works. The search enging is now process ing more than 873,964,000 searches per day. However, it as a long way to go before it gets even a bit close to Google’s 4,464,000,000 searches per day. No matter what the stats might say, it will take Bing or any other search engine years to get to the place where Google is today, as it has been a huge part of our daily lifestyle. We are constantly Googling things, and there are times I find myself searching for things that I need confirmation for.  As Google has earned peoples trust over the years and is seen as a search engine that offers quality and accurate results no matter what you are searching for.

I am sure many like me have the contemplated weather to Bing or not to Bing, as we are all attracted to the new things that are being offered. Being a curious human being I have binged many times, and most of the times it was just because they have such amazing images to display when you type down their address.These images come with information that is an amazing feature. Along with this simple attraction, I have as a professional photographer, Bing actually has better images to offer than Google.

I have as a professional photographer, Bing actually has better images to offer than Google.

Sorry Google, but when it comes to image searching Bing offers a much better process. I do not mean that Google does not offer quality or expected results, but currently Bing offers a much better quality of images. In addition, there are times when I know what I am looking for, but I am unable to express my feelings into words.For such days, I stick to a search engine that does not only focus on words but also focuses on the idea. And lastly, that seels Bing to me is the Various filter options it has to offer. Yes, Google offers some great features as well, but it still has some loopholes when it comes to searching images using a filter.

So in my personal opinion, Bing is going great in the image section, for a search engine that hasn’t been around for as long as Google has. But that is the law of the land, with time we see new technology, and equipment the same way we wake up to find that a better camera or lens has hit the market.The curiosity is enough to keep me on my toes and keep checking out what new the world has to offer. In addition, we as a human being are attracted to the idea of shiny and new, even if it’s just for a second. Moreover, Google might have a tough competition in mind, but talking over a giant like Google will require much more than a better search image directory.