Building Rapport With The Models

It is human nature to be more comfortable around people you understand, and that understand you. As it allows you the ability to build a common ground, that helps in building a relationship. When working with new models I always take out time and build a rapport, as it allows them to relax, and we can finally get started on working. I work as a professional fashion photographer, and I am not the kind who simply walk on the set, and start clicking shots I am the kind of fashion photographer, who believes in taking out the time and talking, as I feel building a professional relationship is important.

The key to getting the perfect image is to get to know your model, and allowing them to get to know you.

When you look at fashion photography you can tell that it entails extensive postures, that require the models to be extremely vulnerable. The key to getting the perfect image is to get to know your model, and allowing them to get to know you. As when they start talking and become comfortable, you will be able to easily translate what the shoot requires, so you can get the best images possible.

I am known to be chatty on the set, as it allows me to know what mindset my model is in, and what I need to do to get her in the right headspace. As once she is in the right headspace the process will become much easier. If you do not believe me, try taking photos of models before you have built a relationship with them, and then after they are comfortable around you. This way you will be able to see the major different both images have to offer. Once you understand what creates the difference, you will go out of your way to make your models comfortable.

It is understandable that most models are a bit nervous when they walk on the set, it is the same way photographers are nervous when meeting new clients. You do not know what to expect, but once you start talking the process becomes easier, and soon it comes to a point where you can easily point out things that concern you. A good way to build rapport with your models is by discussing the ideas before you start the shoot, as this way they will be able to pitch in ideas, and you will be able to get them to loosen up.

During the shot stop and show them images, and then point out your concerns if any. This way they will be able to understand the problem you are facing and work on them. Visual aid is a great help, and it really helps in bridging the communication gap. I believe in allowing mistakes and giving the model some time to get settled in, as allowing time allows me to ensure that I am getting the best possible results from them. As there is no need to rush the process, as you are able to point out a rushed job, and can easily tell the difference between the both.