X-Rays and Retouching – Overnighted to India

Today, most overnight retouching jobs are sent to India, as they are offering endless services at cheap prices. The demand to get these retouching done in no time has only increased over time, as more and more photographers are looking to save time when it comes to retouching images. So they simply ship off their images to someone in India, along with their requirements, and get the job done in over one night. In the past few years, the services have become extremely popular and seem to keep on growing with time.

One of the main reasons why most photographers are looking at Indians to help them out is because they offer to take on a bulk project, and deliver it in no time. So the photographers can easily slide from one assignment to another, while someone else does half of their work for them. This is a simple solution, but I am not sure if it’s an effective one. As when you retouch your images yourself, you know exactly what is required, and what the customer has asked for. When someone else is retouching your images for you, they will follow the instructions given according to their mindset.

This can create a huge shift in your work, and when you change the professional you are working with, it will shift the images again. These might not be visible changes, and you might feel that does not matter much if you are able to save time. But you should consider how this impacts your future, and how you wish to run your business.

The retouching process is a huge part of your business, which is why I feel every photographer should take out the time to complete the process you started. As a professional does not let others take over their business, they take out the time and make sure each aspect of their image is perfect. Because there is no one else who will envision the image in the same manner, and no matter how much you explain the matter, no one will be able to grasp the concept, until and unless they have seen it.

So the next time you think about watching the game and sending the RAW files a few oceans across, I suggest you consider it’s downsides.

In my entire career, I had one thing set in my mind, and that was that I will never let anyone finish what I started. As what is my responsibility should be fulfilled by me. Which is why I do not ship my images off, I take out time after each assignment and retouch my images myself. It might be a time-consuming process, but it allows me to make sure that I am not taking credit for someone else’s work, no matter how small or the large impact it plays on my images. In addition, it helps me ensure that I set the pictures up perfectly, and the perfect way I envisioned them. So the next time you think about cutting off your slack and sending it a few oceans across, I suggest you consider it’s downsides.