We are all Foreigners –Fashion Photographers and Models

Come to think of it we are all foreigners here in the USA, so why do we give such a hard time to overseas models and fashion photographers. The beauty of America is that it offers a dream to the world, a dream where they can easily live their lives and follow their dreams. Which is why the US offers such great diversity. We have people from all around the world who offer a great addition. But there are times when we feel like we can easily cut someone out because they are a foreigner.

On the broad spectrum of things we are really all foreigners here, and no one seems to realize that.

The fashion industry is not an easy place to survive. Regardless each year we see a great addition to fashion photographers and models moving to the US in hopes of starting a career. While some offer great support, others completely shut them out. The concept of a foreigner is harsh and the only way you can really understand how it feels like to be on the outside is when you are left out. On the broad spectrum of things we are really all foreigners here, and no one seems to realize that.

We need to understand that the fashion industry is one, and there should be any foreigners here. If someone wishes to work in another county, then it is none of the anyone’s business. As they have earned the right to come up and show their talent. It does not matter if they are a fashion photographer or a model, if they are talented then the industry can use them. Just because the competition is tough does not mean you should blame others. It just means you have to work hard and get better, so can get what you deserve. Just because someone else is working harder than you, or is more talented than you; does not mean they are taking your spot. They are above you for a reason, if you wish to get in the same space then you will need to fight and earn a spot.

Keeping in mind that the fashion industry thrives on talent, there is no reason why we should be dividing the talent. The more talent that comes forward, the better the industry will do. So instead of cutting down on the talent, we should be encouraging it. As you and I are a huge part of the fashion photography, and here to offer our services. So there is no reason why we should be taking shots and someones else career when we are unable to match up with their talent.

I for one love working with foreigners, competition or not. They are great to work with and offer you such great insight. So the next time you come into contact with someone you feel is a foreigner, instead of making them feel like an outsider, invite them in. And remember that we are all foreigners. As there is not a single American that is from here, because chances are your forefathers moved here from some part of the world.