Ecommerce Platforms – Increasing Demand

Today, we live in a world where technology is growing so rapidly, that at times it is hard for me to believe. There was a time when it took days to get a simple message across the state lines, and now that is possible in a second.

The development in the online industry is rapid, and is taking steps towards higher ground. Our smartphones are now the center of our world, and why shouldn’t they be, when just with a few clicks we can get so much done. Slowly but surely the desire to indulge in the online world is growing. With the passage of time our shopping habits have changed as well, as now instead of going to a mall, we rather shop from one of the many ecommerce platforms. Which is why ecommerce platforms are thriving at the top of the fashion industry.

As a professional Fashion Photographer, I cover apparel photography, and can honestly tell you it is not simple nor easy.

With the boom of these ecommerce platforms came the rise of fashion photography, as these ecommerce platforms rely heavily on fashion photographers as myself. We offer the industry with images of their apparel in different forms, and then that photography is used in the ecommerce store.

Ecommerce platforms have changed the way people shop, and it has definitely increased the demand of fashion photography. As they are in constant need of apparel photography, which includes photographing various models, in various outfits, or even simple product photography. There is an entire range available when you start looking into types of photography that are used on ecommerce platforms.

However, when some people thinking about Fashion Photography they automatically regard myself as a photographer who take photos of top models for high-end designers or fashion magazine. The kind of photos that feature in leading magazines, billboards, and online. The reality of the matter is, that I as a fashion photographer take pictures of products that are used in the fashion industry. So they images that show up on various websites of brands, are the images taken by various fashion photographers. My work is not limited, as fashion photography is a vast branch in itself.

The main reason why ecommerce platforms have increased the demand for fashion photography, is simply because people need to look at what they are purchasing. And by look I mean zoom in till they actually feel like they are viewing the product in real life.

As a professional Fashion Photographer, I cover apparel photography, and can honestly tell you it is not simple nor easy. Yes, the images might look plain, and much is not going on usually. However, getting each aspect, for instance the angle, color scheme, and the overall look is essential. If that was not enough, you have to create a story, and each theme needs to follow a set cycle. Apart from taking the images, you have to create an entire story line, and theme. Once you have created a theme, and a story, you organize your shoot. The process is long, and ensures that each aspect of the image is just perfect.