Skills of the fashion photographer

There are times when people do not feel my presence, especially when my camera lens is facing the other direction. This is the time when I hear the most, and when I try to hear the least.

I was covering a polo match when I heard the ongoing debate about how it’s the skills of the player, or the speed and training of the horse. There was a heated discussion going on between two friends, one was arguing that the match entirely depends on the skills of the polo player, while the other one was trying to convince the first one that it’s the training and speed of the horse. While they were missing the match entirely in their discussion, I kept trying to focus on covering the match.

So the skills of the fashion photographer and his expensive camera and equipment go hand in hand.

While I was packing up, the discussion kept circling around in my head, as it sparked another similar idea in my head. Is that how people see me? Do the look at my images and videos and think they are entirely dependent on my camera, while some of them think its the skills of the fashion photographer. Which they are in a manner of speaking, as the camera is what produce the result in the end. But it’s not just the camera that makes or breaks the image, as the image heavily relies on the skills of the fashion photographer as well.

Let me clarify something the skills I have as a fashion photographer, are not limited to, my eye, and how I process each detail. Most of them go into handling the camera and equipment I am using. If I am not there using it, the camera won’t be able to set itself up, and take amazing images. It would not be able to handle the equipment, and give the model and staff directions. I am the reason the camera is useful, if I did not exist there would be no use for the camera to exist. Similarly, if the players did not exist, there will be no use for the horses.

I am not saying the camera or the horses are useless, and there is no need for them. Similarly, as I and the polo players matter; the camera and the horses matter. And not just that each equipment that helps in bringing it all together matters, in every profession.

As I won’t be able to record clear audio for a view without a mic, a polo player wouldn’t be able to hit the ball without a mallet. So the next time any of you think something in entirely dependent on one thing, think again. Just take an example of your personal life, are you dependent on just one thing? The same way you need a few different things to go about your day, I need a few things to go about mine. So the skills of the fashion photographer and his expensive camera and equipment go hand in hand.