Most Valuable Goods of A Fashion Photographer

I am one of those fashion photographers, that indulges themselves with some real estate photography as well. I consider it fashion in its own way. You paint a house, dress it up with furniture, appliances, and fixtures to make it look beautiful. And that comes after the designer has taken weeks to design the perfect layout, that it took the contractor’s months to build. Which makes it art from where I stand, and I take it as an art.

I generally snap pictures of real estate in the background, with a beautiful and talented model in the front, both inside the house and outside. Honestly, that is where my love for real estate came from. I was so driven to make sure each aspect in the background was perfect, that I started taking shots of properties, and the surrounding areas.

However, they might have cost the same money I refuse to put in the safe, but thankfully we have banks for that.

I remember exactly why I started it, it was because I wanted to see what set me and other commercial real estate photographers apart. I wanted to see if I could somehow apply my fashion photography skills and knowledge on the matter. And I was pleased to see that I was indeed able to use my skills as a fashion photographer to a great deal.

During one of the real estate photo shoots I snapped a picture of the large personal safe by American Safe, and what a beauty it was. I instantly fell in love with its look, and they the grace it added by simply being there. A couple of days ago, I was going through a few old shots I had taken, and I saw the safe again. I don’t know what kind of a mood I was in, but I started wondering the things I feel are “valuable” enough to put in a safe.

The only things in my home that I feel are valuable enough to put in a safe are my cameras, images, equipment, and things that most won’t find valuable enough to put in a safe. But that is the beauty of a human mind, each one is different.

bedroom oceanview sunset

So I kept thinking on the matter, as once an idea sticks in my mind, I have to process it, and give my mind a logical justify it before I can move on the next one. So naturally, to keep the thought process going I decided to ask a few friends. What would you put in a large safe? No shocker, most of them had different answers, some answered “money, and jewelry”, others answered “keepsakes, & Money”. It really was what they felt was valuable enough to keep safe. I was glad to hear that I am not the only one who does not hold money in the highest regards. There are other things that are much more valuable than money. However, they might have cost the same money I refuse to put in the safe, but thankfully we have banks for that.