Let me ask you something, do you have the same meaning of beauty? Or does it change accordingly?

A few weeks ago, I was going out for a real estate shoot, and ran into a model that I work with from time to time. He asked me about the new project I am working on, and I told him it’s one of my real estate gigs. He was utterly confused, as he has no ideas that fashion photographers could take real estate photographs. I explained to him my views on beauty, and moved along as I was already running late.

When I woke up today, that conversation was stuck in my head. Which is why I would like to bring the question to you guys. Do you have one set meaning of beauty? Or does it change considering different aspects? I know mine does.

I too took random images that struck me as beautiful.

Yes, I am talking about beauty in real estate. There is no denying it, as most houses look so gorgeous, that they are as mesmerizing as any beautiful portrait head shot.

The thing is, just because there are no models in it, does not mean the picture is not beautiful. There is beauty in everything that is around you, where nothing is perfect, nothing is imperfect as well. It’s all in the eye of the beholder, and that beautiful brain of yours.

As a fashion photographer, I take various other photographers as well, and one of my hobbies that doubled as an additional to my professional photographer’s life, was real estate photography. If most of you missed my blog yesterday, here is how I got started in Real Estate Photography.

Kitchen Ocean Sunset View

For those of you who see the appeal I do, I applaud the openness of your brain. As you have successfully trained your brain to look outside the box. As when most people hear the term “Fashion Photographer” and “Real Estate Photographer” in the same sentence, they seem to be confused. As they feel that it is not my area of expertise, and feel I would do a horrible job.

Fortunately, there are many who believe the same level of beauty I see in Fashion Photography, and how I capture it, can be transferred to Real Estate Photography. Which is why allows me to create stunning images.

I have to admit, my clients’ faith in me is what pushes me over the edge at times, as it gives me an invisible push. It allows me to believe more in myself, and allows me to produce great images.

Just because I am a fashion photographer, does not mean I do not possess the talent to cover various aspects of the photography industry. In my humble opinion, I work in the field that others photographers are unable to capture, where my field specification allows me to offer the same level of skills in most specifications of photography. Because to begin with, I was just a simple photographer like everyone else, I too took random images that struck me as beautiful.