When Auditioning Models

One of the hardest decision is picking out a new model from an entire range of models.

People feel it is easy to imagine when you simply need one model, but there are times when you get stuck on two or three.

Yes, generally it comes down to the perfect one. The one you can envision in the shoot you have in your mind, the one with the perfect body and skin for the shoot. As there are so many little things to consider as lighting, accessories, etc. it is not as easy as picking out the prettiest model in the room. Considering the are professional models, it’s really like picking the one that is a few tones better.

Do not get me wrong, it’s not about skin color. It’s about the theme of the shoot. So once I am done auditioning, I usually have one in mind, but there are times when I am confused between two or three models. So what do you do in such a case? Let them fight it out? The last one standing will be the one you shoot with? Yes, that is exactly what I do. No, I do not ask them to physically fight it out.

There is nothing wrong with admitting your abilities, but you should never sell yourself short.

They are models, they can fight with looks. Usually when I find myself in such a situation, I call them back, and let the know the situation at hand. From there we discuss the shoot, and I work with them one-on-one, to get a general idea of what they are capable of. Over the last few years, this has been my routine, when I simply cannot decide on one. And to be honest, it has worked wonders for me.

By calling them in again, I am able to sit down and chat with them with a fresh mind. As during regular modeling auditions there are so many models coming by, that it gets too much at times. Which is why it is ideal to look at things from a fresh perspective, and with a fresh set of eyes. This is a great way to help when you are stuck, and I have heard so many models tell me that it has allowed them to get a look into what the shoot is, and judge themselves.

So I am glad that the process works both ways. As when I call them in I discuss the shoot in complete detail, so they know exactly what is expected, and there is no detail they are unaware about. I was actually delighted and left in awe with the honest opinions of some models, who fearlessly took themselves out of the running. As they felt they will not be able to offer what I am looking for. It is highly rare in my career, that a model’s tells me flat out that she or he won’t be able to offer the level of commitment, or depth of look. There is nothing wrong with admitting your abilities, but you should never sell yourself short. Which is why I keep telling them, that trying out different shoots will help them grow as a model.

It is extremely important to me, that the model understand what I am after, and could be sure they can deliver results. Which is why this simple and easy process frees me up from the processes of picking one, as the last one standing is the one I shoot with.