The One Trick Model

To be honest, in my book there is no such thing as simple fashion photography, as it is a highly complex business; and there is always more than what appears to the eyes. Even what many might perceive as a plain blue jeans, had so much thought process that it would blow your mind.

Which is why I keep telling people that there is nothing simple about fashion, or fashion photography. There is always so much more than what the picture tells, you. For instance, the photo shoot process. What you see is just a contained area, and nothing else. Unfortunately, many new models in the business feel the same way.

[pullquote] I know, I have made this mistake. But the idea is to learn from your mistakes, and do your best to guide them in the right direction. [/pullquote]

I call them the one trick model, who keep on posing the same way no matter how much you guide them. In the end you are left with a dozen of the same poses in different locations. The things is being a model is not an easy task, and I keep telling my models they are amazing for this very reason. As they portray an entire message just using their body language and facial expressions. As you cannot do much with a one trick model, my humble suggestion to them is to take on the simpler side of fashion photography.

Yes, there is a side of fashion photography they is simple, it might be as glamorous as being on the main page of one of the leading fashion magazines. However, if you are motivated enough, you might get there. As it all depends on you, your level of dedication towards the industry, and how much you are willing to learn and change.

The real problem arises when you pick one a one trick model for an elaborated fashion shoot, and learn too late into the shoot. It’s a common mistake, but it can be made by anyone. I know, I have made this mistake. But the idea is to learn from your mistakes, and do your best to guide them in the right direction.

I have met a few fashion photographers that are ruthless, who straight up insult the models. I have no respect for such professionals, as this is not professionalism. It is as much a fashion photographer‘s fault. How can it be the models fault when that is all they have been given the chance to learn? Or if someone has not pushed them in the right direction?

In my opinion, there is always a first time for something, and then along the way you learn. So there is no reason you should be disregarding these one trick models, as there are enough one trick fashion photographers in the industry that both will do amazingly well together. As for me, I am here to teach as much as I can, and all my models know that it’s always a fun and learning experience for both of us.