My recent fashion photographer assignment was Lorna Jane Active Living which is very high quality designer gym wear by Lorna Jane Clarkson for women who live the active lifestyle.

I had a great crew for this fashion shoot in Southern California, with the talented Annabella Gutman modeling Lorna Jane Active fashions for my camera, it was a really hot summer day and Annabella made it even hotter with a lot of running, action, makeup and outfit changes in the star waggon.

Fashion photographer is very different than lifestyle photographer or portrait photographer, as a busy LA & Orange County fashion photographer I often do not have time to reflect on how I got here, which I can best describe as a combination of timing, dedication and luck, after all most photographers dream of my job and work very hard at getting here too.

I know, because I have been there and done that, to be a fashion photographer in Orange County and Los Angeles takes a lot of effort, for instance ranking on page one of Google (organic) is nearly impossible due to digital fortifications by all concerned….just Google “orange county fashion photographer” the news is there are 7 paying fashion photographers for a Google page with 10 results. Why orange county you wonder?

[pullquote]Because the fashion industry is growing rapidly in Orange County and it’s the next fashion designer’s playground.[/pullquote]

The secret factor which has helped my career as the LA & OC fashion photographer is duality: I am a fashion photographer and I produce YouTube fashion videos, this is what keeps me on page one of google and in demand by fashion designers. My career as a video producer took off in the 90s, with national, international and multinational credits including abc, YP, Good Morning America, Microsoft, LG, MTV, Sci-Fi, AMADA Japan, KOYO, EMPC, Epson and now the fashion videos.