A Crash Course

Fashion photography is not something that is uncommon or something that you or others haven’t heard about. But how much do you really know about it? As the only thing most people can think of is fashion shows and magazines when you ask them about fashion photography.  However, there is so much more that is included in fashion photography that does not meet the eye. So here is a complete crash course in fashion photography, so you can learn a little more about the things you enjoy watching.

When I say crash course, I do not mean I am about to give you a history lesson on fashion photography. It’s just I feel you should know more about the things going on around you, so you understand the work and commitment that goes into creating the images you look at and enjoy. Fashion photography started as a form of art, back then it’s was not all about showing off fashionable clothes and accessories. It was about exploring a new way to showcase the beauty that the world had to offer. There weren’t many fashion photographers back then, but the ones that existed left a huge mark on the world.

Over time fashion photography started to grow, as businesses saw it as a huge opportunity they started using them in adverts, posters, magazines, and basically in any way they could market. That and the production of the camera is what really started the boom in the industry. As more people had access to a camera, they were more photographers by the second. So finally when the camera became cheaper, and really target the middle class is when the industry skyrocketed.

Since then we have seen great advancements in both fashion and the technology sector. As more and more people become interested in both fashion and camera. However, the great boom did not take place until the 20th century hit, as we saw technology rise to a whole new level, and the fashion industry had completely taken over. Yes, this is what this crash course is all about. To tell you that how fashion photography has taken over the world. Today no matter which way you turn your head, you will be able to find a piece of fashion photography.

Today no matter which way you turn your head, you will be able to find a piece of fashion photography.

From billboard to small flyers, to the tiny images that pop up on the side as advertisements showing off a tall model wearing a stunning outfit is all part of the world. It has grown so much that it can be hard to explain in just a few hundred words. So the next time you pick up anything from a lookbook to a simple leaflet for a new retail shop. You will know that the image use is a fashion photo. As fashion photography is not just about fashion shows and fashion magazines. It is everything that includes clothes and accessories. Yes, no matter how far away you feel from the fashion world, you should know that the plain denim jeans and a cotton shirt that you so easily flaunt was a look created by the fashion industry.