There is nothing more important in your career than a step by step routine. As it allows you to take each task as it comes forward, and you are not left sitting under bulk loads of work. When I started working as a professional fashion Photographer, I soon realized that I needed a system if I wanted to work in the industry for a long time, which is why kept working on various techniques until I was finally able to nail my step by step process.

The beauty of this process is that it allows me to get the job done the right way, and that too on the first go. This way I do not have to deal with any issues, and enjoy the smooth process. In my opinion your step by step process is what defines you, as it really allows you to build your career.The level of professionalism you offer, will come back to reward you. If you are starting out in the field, and are currently lost on where to get started, and what is the best possible way to get on with the process.

In my opinion your step by step process is what defines you, as it really allows you to build your career.

I have always been a thorough planner, which is why I have all my steps listed down, and I go through them in great detail. I start from the beginning, when i meet my client or speak to them I tend to get all the information I would need to set up the shoot.The discussion is a huge step for the process, as it allows me and my client the opportunity to really understand how the shot will fall into place. Once I have the clients approval and requirements, I can easily move onto the next step of the process.

As planning each shoot is essential, I take a great deal of time running over each step, from picking the perfect model, to the location, right down to the props. Each step contains extensive notes, so there is nothing that gets mixed, or gets lost in translation.As there is nothing worse than pulling off an amazing shoot, only to realize that you missed a key requirement from the client. In order to make sure each aspect is covered I stick to my step by step plan. So the entire shoot falls as a well laid down plan.

There are times when things go wrong, and plans get amended. But sticking to the routine is what matters the most. As it allows you to keep delivering great work time after time. Just because there were a few changes made does not mean you start to wing your projects.There is a reason why some fashion photographers burn out so quickly, so if you plan to stay in the race till the very end, I suggest you take out the time to do the necessary work. As it will allow you to achieve a great deal in life and your career!