How To Get Started?

I often find myself in a conversation, where people ask me how they can get started as a fashion photographer. I have been working in the industry for some time now, but the reality of the matter is that you just need to cover your basics. Once you have them covered, you are ready to get started. However, getting started is not as easy as it sounds, and for some, it might take longer than others. Moreover, that is no reason to walk away from the industry. As the only way, you can make your place here, is by making sure that you are dedicated and committed. As long as you are dedicated and committed, you will find your place in the industry.

To those of you who go around following advice from the internet, here is some from someone who has been working as a professional fashion photographer for years now. So in my opinion, here is what you need to get started.

Portfolio – the only way you will be able to show off your talent, is through a portfolio. So when you start to compile your portfolio, make sure that you take images from different shoots, that show off your skills perfectly.

This portfolio should be posted online and distributed offline, so potential buyers can see what you are capable of. Try to keep in specifically about fashion photography, but do not hesitate to share one or two other photographs as well.

Photo Book – Pick the best 15 to 20 photographs you have taken, and get them printed to create a photo book. This will help you showcase your work to agents and magazines, so they can see what you have to offer. Try to create a few if you cover different techniques and styles, and show them the photo book that suits the job you are applying for.

Free – When you start out, you might have to work for free, as it will help you create your portfolio, and you will be able to set your credibility. You can work with new models who are looking to get themselves started and can help each other out through the process.Try to work for a magazine that would publish your photos even if you did not charge them. This is just to help you get started, so you can show off your work.

Internship – There are many leading fashion photographers who offer the chance for an internship, try to get in on one. This will help you learn a great deal, and you will become familiar with how the industry works.

keep on working on your portfolio, and keep on marketing yourself

After you have covered these basics, all that is left for you to do is to get started. So keep on working on your portfolio, and keep on marketing yourself. Soon enough the right opportunity will come along, and who knows in a few years you might be telling others how to get started as a professional fashion photographer.