Cheap can eCommerce Get? – Pressure From China

With Chinese market on the rise, the pressure on the entire world is building by the second. As they are offering goods at princes that one is unable to believe can be true, yet they are. This continuous built of pressure is the reason why most companies today feel they are being dragged to the ground. But the real question is, how cheap can it get? What will be the ending point? As ecommerce stores are continuously trying to offer cheaper prices in hopes of making more sales than the other. However, there will come a point where they will only be able to make enough to survive.

This is true for many ecommerce stores that continuously have to fight the question about why they are charging so much. What most people do not understand or fail to see is that each store has a different running system. Where one might be run by a single person, the other store might employ many users. This is one of the main reasons why they might be offering the same good for the different price. This is because their division of the money is different. However, this is just one of the many examples that could be true.

The question really is, that is the pressure from China good or bad? On one hand having access to cheaper goods does not sound like a bad deal. But on the other hand, how low will the quality be dropped to before we give up on the idea of cheap. If you think about it, cheap things have a tendency to break down more often, so investing in something that costs a little more but lasts will by the way I go. However, each individual is different and has a different opinion on the matter. But I strongly believe that paying a little more for something that offers better quality is better.

paying a little more for something that offers better quality is better.

Moreover, if they are the same goods and offer the same quality, then everyone will go for the cheaper option. But it this keeps going on, the only people who will be able to make anything will be the Chinese market. As they offer worldwide delivery. And people might not know about them yet, but their popularity is growing by the second. What’s ironic is that the Chinese market itself has sellers that sell the same goods at different prices. So what it really comes to is the price.

One huge issue most brands face is that the Chinese market has the tendency to produce the same products with cheaper quality and at a cheaper cost. In their opinion, they are targetting the lower class, but in reality, there are many rich individuals who are attracted to these prices. Which brings a huge sales drop to the brands and fashion houses around the world. I have been working in the fashion industry long enough to know that the prices will keep getting lower, but there will still be people who rather pay double and wear a brand name.