Hotels Are The Perfect Location For a Fashion Shoot

Today, the fashion industry is in search of new locations for shoots. As even with endless possibilities on our hands, we are constantly looking for something new. A place that sets the right mood, looks accessible and just perfectly fits with the theme.  You might be surprised to know that one such place is a hotel. Yes, today when you walk into a lavish hotel you will be able to see the perfect setting and that too right down to each detail. As hotels are looking for a way to offer luxury, and comfort at it’s best. There is no reason why you shouldn’t be using them.

Keep in mind that the hotel you are staying at or shooting at allows you to take images. However, if you wish to keep yourself on your toes like I do, you can pack light, and get the job done without any permission issues. As a professional fashion photographer, I tend to travel, and I have the opportunity to stay at some of the top rated and beautifully built and designed hotels around the world. As you know location is key when it comes to fashion photography, you really need to constantly use different spaces that fit the theme. If you notice that some hotels follow a different theme, and you can easily use that to your advantage.

If you are working on a shoot that you can easily cover in a hotel room, or around the hotel; then there is no need to run around looking for the perfect studio, that you will be set up entirely. Using a public space is the best idea, especially when your hotel offers the perfect setting. There is no reason why you should not be taking advantage of the location and setting that has been offered to you.

Your internal gut feeling will never lead you in the wrong direction.

When you start working as a professional, you will understand that no matter how much you have planned a shoot. Your internal gut feeling will never lead you in the wrong direction. Recently, I changed a well-laid plan at the last moment and decided to cover the shoot at a hotel instead of the space I had rented.  It was simply because the hotel was offering the perfect setting. So instead of trying to replicate it, I simply used their set to my advantage.

Some people might think that the only kind of fashion shoots that happen at a hotel are smaller scaled fashion shows. However, that is yet another possibility. As hotels offer the perfect setting and are more than willing to offer you the perfect space. So if you are looking for the perfect location for your fashion show, then you should consider booking a hotel. As more and more individuals have started taking advantage of hotels around the world. A stunning backdrop, that offers the perfect feel, setting, and look for your shoot.