Shooting for the winter season in the summers is not a new concept, as it easy to create a look of winters, especially when you are working indoors. However, things can really start to go downhill when the air conditioning breaks down, and you find yourself running around trying to keep the entire shoot from falling apart.

There are two things that are common knowledge. One that it is extremely hot in LA during the summer season, and second that things can go wrong during a shoot. Keeping both in mind, you can imagine how the day would turn out when you are coving a winter collection in LA, during the summer season and the air conditioning breaks down.

Yes, the weather is still pretty hot in LA, and the only time you really take notice is when things start to go wrong. A few weeks ago, I was covering a winter collection for an upcoming brand, that wanted to get their collection catalogs before the winters. This is a common practice, as it allows the brand to start marketing before the season arrives. So they can push out more sales. However, it can be a horrible day for a model who has to wear these clothing during an AC outage.

You will have to make the best of what you have.

It is not often that my sets turn into a horrible nightmare. But there are times when you simply cannot control the situation. Which means you will have to make the best of what you have. During such situations, the first thing I do is make sure that my models(s) are okay, as they are the ones that really matter. As long as they are comfortable the shoot can keep on going, and in this case, I really have to say my models were amazing. As I was feeling warm in my half sleeve t-shirt and shorts, while they were showoff the winter wardrobe perfectly. However, the sweat that accumulated on their faces was not easy to hide, so with constant touch-ups, and shooting as fast as I can, we got through the process.

I was really proud of my team that day, as it is not easy to work under such conditions when it’s hard for you to breathe. But they managed to get through the day perfectly and were a great help.

Because there will be times when we cover more winter collections in the summer season, and this only goes to show how passionate each and every member of my team and my models were. No one was ready to give up and was working to make the process as smooth as possible. This really reminded me how we all run on one thing along, and that is passion. We do not give up, we do not break down, and we make the best out of what we have got. That is what the fashion industry is about, and that is the kind of message it gives out. As it teaches you to become so dedicated, that you forget everything and everyone.