What is a standard hybrid headshot photography? is it not a mug shot which every other actor and model has also? and why?

I don’t agree with the industry standard headshot, don’t like it and and never did. Perhaps because I personally do not fit in any size box and make my own boxes all the time if you know what I mean. So why should a headshot be a “headshot” when it can be a uniqueshot, something that is personally yours and yours alone, more like a statement.

So when behind the lens in Orange County and Los Angeles I like to put in a touch of a portrait into a headshot, that makes it stand out and so its not another smiling mug shot that gets poured by the hundreds on agents desks. Yes that is the way to do it, but it takes some guts on part of the talent.

You see, people conform and are afraid of “what if” in the Japanese culture they have a saying “The nail that sticks out gets hammered” and they do have a very conformist society. That is human nature, yet what sets you apart is you. So get out there in front of the lens and show yourself off, it will be more memorable.

A headshot is meant to represent you and leave a mark, an impression in the mind of the decision maker. Leave something to the imagination, why should the headshot be fully lit? why couldn’t it be profile or 3/4…..

The “Hybrid Headshot” is it for me.

How about you?