Life of a Fashion Photographer

May people believe that the life of a fashion photographer is about glamorous, do not get me wrong, there is glamor involved, but my life as a fashion photographer is so much more than just meeting glamors people, and hanging out at fashion houses and fashion shows. There is so much more that goes on behind the scenes, that most are unaware about.

As a fashion photographer, I do not just photograph beautiful women & men, garments, and other fashion related matters. It is my job to come up with various ideas and themes that will be hot in that season, the designer, or brand, and their clothing range. From there I decide where the photo shoot will take place, to ensure that I produce eye catching and imaginative images that advertise accessories, clothes, and lifestyle.

I am hired to take on a variety of publications that range from magazine fashion shoots, to mail order catalogs. Which means simply picking up my camera and heading the location is not an option. Each photo shoot is different and requires set skills, and creative instincts. Which is why there is a lot more homework that needs to be done, so I can offer my clients the best services.

Which is why as a fashion photographer, I ensure that I offer an innovative and artistic approach that is visible in my photographs. Furthermore, I keep myself updated on the latest fashion trends, and themes, and match it with my deep knowledge in the history of fashion. The combination allows me to product ideas that are innovative, and provide the clients with exceptional results.

There is so much more that goes on behind the scenes, that most are unaware about

Now, that we have covered what I have to offer mentally, I would like to add that the physical load I take. As a viewer you only see what I show you, but behind the scene there is so much more than me and just my camera. Apart from the crew, there are a lot of additions that need to be done before the shoot to ensure that the images I produce are exceptional. Which means there is a lot of heavy equipment that is used around the set, from light to shades, it all depends on the location. If that was not enough, there are times when I have to accessorize my camera with products that will help me produce the images I have envisioned.

Furthermore, as a fashion photographer being handy with a camera and possession all that has been mentioned above is not enough. These might be enough for now, but in the near future, I might struggle to thrive at the top. Which is exactly why I keep on trying various methods and techniques to ensure that my photography style grows. Sticking to one simple style will ensure that all my images are viewed as the same, no matter how much I change the themes, people, or various products.

People feel that my life as a fashion photographer is easy, but today I decided to take out the time to inform them, that its it not all glamor that is a lot of hard-work and dedication that goes with.