Today, Los Angeles offers so many eCommerce fashion startups, that it is being referred to as the Mecca of eCommerce fashionphotography. Due to the growth of these eCommerce fashion startups more and more models and fashion photographers are heading this way. There is no doubt that Los Angeles sits at the top when it comes to fashion, and fashion photography; as the city has so much talent to offer that it is hard to deny.

As we know that more malls are closing down around the USA, and retailers are moving online in hope of saving money and making extra profits by offering services online. This has not just affected small corporations, but large businesses are also on the move to switch to the virtual world.Creating a huge shift, and insane demand for fashion photography. As with competition comes the need to stay ahead, and the more eCommerce stores that go online, the competition keeps on rising. The great news is for fashion photographers and models who are caught in the middle of the move.As a professional fashion photographer, I now have more offers than ever. And most of them are from ecommerce stores that are starting up in Los Angeles.

Another interesting factor I have seen in LA lately is that it is not only about western fashion anymore. People have started bring forward their heritage and culture from back home, in hopes of offering the world something new. Which brings a great advantage for me, as I have the ability to focus on various themes and ideas.These assignments are the perfect opportunity for any fashion photographer from myself. As they allow me to step out of my comfort zone and set up a place that is based on other cultures and heritages. Meaning I get to bring forward an entire culture, simply by using my images. There is nothing that excited me more than the thought of offering something amazing.

Which is why I try to take on eCommerce startups that are offering something different. A gateway to a new world of possibilities. Finally working on something that does not offer the same impact, but something that you can really be creative with.It is a chance to take something traditional, and add a touch of the western touch to the mix. So when they are presented forward, they appeal to the buyers.

As with competition comes the need to stay ahead, and the more ecommerce stores that go online, the competition keeps on rising.

The constant growth of fashion startups is a sign that the fashion industry is constantly on the rise, and really is drawing in more people than ever.As it caters to every human being and being in the middle of the action is quite exciting, and a great learning experience for me. And if things keep going as the way they are, soon all that fashion photographers around the world will be covering is fashion clothing and accessories that are being posted online. As we are in the middle of the shift from offline to the online marketplace.