Photography Career

Apart from hard work and dedication, there is one more aspect that can help you save your photography career, and that is luck! Yes, some of you might not understand it yet, but you will soon come to realize that luck plays a huge part in building, and saving your fashion photography career.

I am a professional fashion photographer, and I can honestly tell you that your luck can change the world. There are many who feel that luck has nothing to do with your career, and as long as you are talented, and dedicated you will get there. However, I personally know a few people who are hard-working individuals who are talented and dedicated, yet they are still waiting for a huge break. I am sure you too might know someone who is in a similar situation, and could finally be able to see how luck favors some. Becuase, on the other hand, you see people who are not as talented and are not serious about their photography career, yet they seem to have the entire world.

Which is why I firmly believe in luck, from my first break to my current accomplishments. It was not all about hard work and dedication, yes they played a huge part in the process, but my luck is what got my career going.

Similarly, there are times when you are working on an assignment and you quite literally feel that everything is going wrong, but finally, your luck kicks in, and it feels like your fashion photography career has been saved.

When you are working on a set, you have to understand that things will naturally go wrong. It can be anything from a hair issue to a malfunction. Somedays you will be lucky enough to get past the setbacks, and on others, you will find yourself buried under issues. Such a thing happened to me when I was working on a huge assignment for a client.

I was just getting started it was my big break, and I was focused and dedicated, and I planned the shoot for hours. But it’s was like no matter where I looked there was a disaster going on.

There came a point where I just wanted to give up, but I kept on pushing and pushing, and after some really long hours, the day came to an end. I quickly looked through the images and ran post-production.

luck really matters when you are building your photography career

My heart was literally in my throat when I presented the images to my client. And I couldn’t believe it when they told me they loved it, it was that moment in life that I realized that luck really matters when you are building your photography career. As each client is different, and you never know what review you might get. So if you are going through a tough shoot, just try to deliver your best, and just hope that your luck works out. However, you should know that luck is a funny thing, and has the tendency to run out at times.