I had an extremely interesting conversation just the other day, where a mutual friend of mine simply came out and asked me why there is so much sex in fashion photography? Well, I had to give her an honest answer, so I told her what I feel is true “sex sells fashion”. I had to go and explain myself, as I did not want her to get the wrong idea. The thing is, that the fashion industry is hot and sexy, and they wish to show off the hottest designs in the best possible way. However, there is no denying the fact that sex sells, just like any other industry, the fashion industry has to keep in mind the demand of the people.

No offense to anyone, but no one would be as excited to buy clothes or fashion accessories from a store that showcases their designs using the wrong models. It is not because they are shallow, it is simply because they would like to view the product, and image them to look a certain way. So when they are able to see the image, it creates an image in their head that allows them to look and feel the same way. Sexy photos have been used in the fashion industry for years now, and there is just one reason behind them. It is not just that sex sells fashion, it the fact that it is the demand of the people. Today, no matter what you are viewing, if the idea is to draw peoples attention and show off something as hot, you will be required to make it sexy.

No matter how much you talk about it, or feel it is wrong. You simply cannot deny the fact that sex sells fashion. Which is why many leading brands use it as a tool to show off their collections. It is not that they do not have other ideas, it is simply because that is what the people want to view. The brand’s image as a hot and sexy brand is based on the way they advertise, and that is what they are required to showcase.

You simply cannot deny the fact that sex sells fashion.

One of the main reasons why more brands are leaning towards the idea of using sex as a tool to sell fashion is because there are so many brands in the market that it becomes hard to compete with each other. Which is why they are under the constant pressure to produce something that will attract buyers. So when you understand that sex sells fashion, you automatically lean towards the idea. It is not about how you feel, or wish your brand to portray. It’s about survival, and if you wish to survive in this cut-throat market, then you will need to be on top of your game.

As we like in the era of social media, where brands are required to use appealing images that set them apart from the crowd, and ensure that people will give them a few seconds of their time.