How Lighting Determines The Outcome: Natural or Artificial

It does not matter if you are working on an indoor shoot or an outdoor one. The only thing you must remember is that lighting matters. As it has the ability to completely transform any image. Even a small addition of light can make a huge difference. And that is not all as natural light and artificial light offers a different experience and must be treated accordingly. These are the few things you need to keep in mind when you are working as a professional photographer.

If you are new to the field of photography you might not understand the importance of light. Yes, you will know the basics, but you probably do not understand the matter to the level of depth is required to be understood on.The common perception that light offer better quality is true, however, too much light or direct light can ruin your image. There are so many small and large factors that go into the making of a single image, that it is necessary that you notice such things. Once you start to understand the basic concepts, you can then move onto building all the concepts.

When I started out as a photographer I was obsessed with natural light, as it was simply gorgeous and looked stunning in images.However, when I started working as a professional fashion photographer I had to take out the time and learn the various concepts of artificial lighting and it’s importance. As all shoots do not take place outdoors, and as natural light is hard to control. You need to take on as much light as you can control.

As at the end of the day it will not matter how expensive your camera and lens is if you are unable to record light in the perfect manner.

Which is why you have to understand what the shoot requires, and how you can use lighting to your advantage. Start by taking the same image in different lighting, and then ask your model to change their direction, and follow the same process.Do you see the difference in each image? And that is how light determines the outcome. As you should be able to see the difference in each image.

As at the end of the day it will not matter how expensive your camera and lens is if you are unable to record light in the perfect manner. Think of them as an overpriced collection of camera equipment that is unable to offer you the most basic use.But keep in mind that the creation of the image does not lie on the camera an lens alone, as the photographer standing behind the camera is what matters. If it was as simple as buying expensive equipment, then everyone would be a professional photographer. But it is the photographer who has to set all the things in a certain order, so the camera is able to take in the right amount of light, at the right moment; so the image comes out perfectly. Only when you know how to use the light, is when you will be able to create perfect images that stand out in any crowd.