CYC also know as Cyclorama is a large curtain or wall, that is placed as a background in photography and theater. The curved background is designed to suggest unlimited space. As all corners a seamless it is known as infinite background. When they are set up perfectly, no one can tell where the floor and the ceiling come together. When you are using cyc in photography, you have the ability to make your background disappear, so you can add anything you wish to later. This is a great advantage, that leaves the door for creativity wide open.

I work with a cyc wall on a daily basis at times, as it really helps me keep the creative door open. So once I have the raw images I wanted, I can easily create any background that will go perfectly with the image.This is one of the best advantages you can have at hand, as you can easily keep switching between background and pick the one you feel looks best. This way, you do not have to stick to the images you have taken.

I work with a cyc wall on a daily basis at times, as it really helps me keep the creative door open

I mostly use cyc walls when I am not sure which direction I want the shoot to head in, and getting the basics helps me shoot up some great ideas, that I can later develop on. The walls have been used by photographers for decades now, and at first, it simply allowed you to change the tone of the wall, but now you can easily create any image you like. So if you have a client that is unsure of what they are after, then you should offer them a cyc shoot, so they can keep their options open.

Think about the world of opportunities that have been offered to you. There are literally thousands of looks that you can achieve just from this same white studio. You can be anywhere in the world, and portray a completely different image. The only drawback is that you spend too much time spinning around the different idea. Which is why I suggest you pick the one you like, and then move forward, as the more you look around and experiment. The more confused you will get.

I have been working as a professional fashion photographer for years now, and it has allowed me to create an extensive portfolio. I invite you all to look through it and see the images that were created using a cyc wall. I am certain that most images will fool you, as they offer such a realistic touch, that one can easily be confused about the originality of the image. Keep in mind that you have to make them look realistic, so do not stretch too much. Look for a setting that is believable and matches the theme of your shoot, and just stick to being simple. As doing too much will only ruin the image, and it will lose its authenticity.