Skinny Models and The One-Eyed Camera

It is a general perception that the camera adds pounds. Where most people do not know how or why the simply know that the camera has the ability to add pounds.  So no matter how skinny models are, you can easily add a few pound to their actual weight. However, it is the lens that is at play here, as different lenses offer a different width and angle, so you have to use the perfect one when talking an image.

There is a reason why so many lenses exist, and the sooner you learn about the different ones the better. As you do not want to turn into the fashion photographer that turn skinny models fat using the wrong lens. The only way you will understand the concept is when you take the same shot in the same angle, from the same distance using different lenses.

The only way that is possible is through understanding and learning.

Once you compare the images side by side, you will see how the camera adds pounds, and there is a simple fix to the issue. So the next time you are taking images of a skinny models, they do not add a pound to the mix. The only way that is possible is through understanding and learning. As like most aspects of the fashion photography world, the lens plays a huge part in your images. As it is your main tool, and until and unless you understand it and it’s workings; you will not be able to make it. As you simply cannot be running around with a camera and call yourself a fashion photographer, you have to act like one and produce images like one if you wish to work.

There are just too many self-proclaimed fashion photographers these days, that it is hard to keep track. With new ones on the rise each day, they feel all they need is a camera and a model. But in reality, there is so much that you need to learn and practice before you can even think about calling yourself a professional. I come across so many images from these new fashion photographers that have simply used the wrong lens, and the image is so off that it’s clear that they have no idea what they are doing.

So if you really want to make it in this world, and wish to keep working with models, then you cannot be adding pounds too skinny models. As they work out for hours and maintain a strict routine to keep their body in shape. So when you add pounds to their look, it will make them mad. And soon you will find yourself at the bottom of the pit. So learn, and practice and keep in mind that you are competing with thousands of other fashion photographers. And unless and until you start offering something spectacular, you will not be able to keep up with the industry. As the fashion industry is always on the move, and there are tons of individuals who are trying to make it in the industry.