There comes a time when you are faced with a challenging situation, where you are presented with tall and ugly, & short and beautiful models. What you decide to do with each of them will help show the kind of fashion photographer you are.

Yes, I have really been in a situation where I was given tall and ugly models and a short and beautiful model to work with. As you know a general perception is that models need to be tall, skinny, and gorgeous. So naturally head turn when they walk by, or their image comes up. Which is why it is a huge issue when you are given two extremes and are expected to make the most of it. Here is how you can deal with them.

There is no reason why you as the fashion photographer cannot help highlight the features that make them attractive to the world.

The Tall and Ugly Model – Each human being is unique, and we do not have the right to call anyone ugly. But we live and work in a harsh society, which has labels for everyone. So if you get an opportunity to work with a model that is considered tall and ugly, I suggest you make it stunning. There is no reason why you as the fashion photographer cannot help highlight the features that make them attractive to the world. I usually use my creative side to think of a way I can portray their best features. There are endless ways you can make anyone appear attractive, especially when you know how to make them feel beautiful. So there is no need to reject models based on the face they were born with, you just have to use your creative side.

Short and Beautiful – When you have to work with short and beautiful models, you have to understand that there are ways you can help them appear taller. If you play with a few poses and add some heels to the mix, you will soon see how you can easily show off their beauty and keep that the focus, so people will not focus on their height. Obviously, if you make them stand in front of you and snap a few casual images, they will appear short. Which is why you must be creative. Keep in mind that their selling feature is their beauty, so use them for shoots that focus on features, and does not require full-length shots. This way you will not have to worry about their short height.

Working with various modules is part of the business. As you will never find the perfect model, as that is rare and mostly unheard of, but you can easily make it work with the models you are presented with. Do not be too quick to reject anyone, as they can offer a great deal more than you think. Because when it comes down to picking the right model, it all depends on the shoot, and what would be the best way to portray them. So think about what your options are, and make a decision based on facts.