Shopify is currently the world’s largest retail platform that allows users to create a store and sell their goods online. These goods are sold all around the world, and most of them are fashion itemsAs the demand for fashion clothing and accessories is increasing every second. As soon as a fashion statement hits the market, everyone around the world starts searching for the products online. This is because they feel they will be able to find the item without any hassle and get it delivered in no time.

As the demands of these items increase so does the demand for fashion photography. This is because today buyers are more aware than ever, and wish to get exactly what they have paid for. Which is why you simply cannot offer them randomly taken pictures, that makes it hard for them to make out the entire item. In addition, as most retail shops are moving online there is tough competition when it comes to online stores. As there is no more a handful of them, there is a complete range and each one is looking to get an edge over the other one. As when it comes to business, you need some leverage over others to make it in the market.

These are two main reasons why Shopify has successfully helped fashion photographers around the world, by offering them more work. However, when it comes fashion photography there are many kinds and grades of it. For instance, I am a professional fashion photographer and I offer different quality of work than most of my competitors. As I offer something extra, that is why I am able to secure more clients than most. This is how all the markets in the world work, as people are naturally attracted towards the better option.

As a professional fashion photographer in LA, I have covered a range of shoots for Shopify stores, and their demand keeps on growing.

So if you and another seller are offering the same thing, in the same quality. However, if you are using personally taken images and you competitor is putting up professionally taken images, he/she will be able to drive more business. As they will be offering exactly what the buyer is looking for, a clear image portraying how the fashion item will be used. Which is why today, when you start looking around Shopify you will find countless sellers offering quality images that have been taken by professional fashion photographers. Making it clear that they understand what the market demands, and how they are keeping up with their demands.

This is how Shopify is able to create the demand for fashion photography around the world, and how fashion photography is able to help sellers send the message in a clear format. This is a simple format that runs hands in hand, as each aspect of the step helps the other one.  As a professional fashion photographer in LA, I have covered a range of shoots for Shopify stores, and their demand keeps on growing. However, this does not mean that Fashion Photography needs platforms such as Shopify, it means that Shopify needs Fashion Photographer as they will help their sellers boost sales.