A few weeks ago someone asked me if I was worried about my career, and where it was going. Confused I asked him what he was talking about, only to find out he was referring to the new VR Photography. I laughed and told him I would be fine. But the thought stuck with me.  No, I am not worried about my future, but is this really how people see things happening? If there is a new advancement in any field, does it mean that the old methods are done for? For those of you who answered yes to the last question let me clarify a few things.

For those of you who are not familiar with the history of the camera, let me just say they did not always exist. Decades ago writers used words to describe an event, and people would simply relive the moment reading about the matter in detail. As there was no other way to explain what was going on. If you pick up any old news article, you will be able to read how the writer uses his words to explain the scenario and all the matters that went down.

Staying true to your profession will help you go a long way, and you will appreciate yourself for being dedicated to your passion.

This was replaced by art, as soon after people started to draw these events and it allowed viewers to see the matter for the first time. However, the growth of art did not mean that writers went out of business. We still have great writers who might not feel the need to describe the scenarios in the same manner, as they can simply use an image to explain what they are talking about. Yes, they use the technology some might claim took over their business. Similarly, when the camera was invented some might have thought it would take over art and writing, here we are decades later and still strongly feel that the world needs great writers and great artists.

The same way we need great photographers. As there is no amount of VR Photography that can take over something as classic as a piece of paper with an image on it. I guess what I am trying to say is that every industry has some advancements, but that does not mean that they forget where they started, and how the process built up. So the next time you feel that VR Photography is taking over classic photography, remind yourself that VR Photography is just a part of classic photography, and it’s not something that exists on its own. So as long as you remember this, you will be able to understand the importance of classics.

VR Photography is the hot thing right now, but soon something hotter will come along and take its place. Whereas there will never be an advancement that would take over photography, and every photographer should keep this in mind, and not simply jump ships when something shiny comes along. Staying true to your profession will help you go a long way, and you will appreciate yourself for being dedicated to your passion.