Why Location Matters in Fashion Photography

Location is key when it comes to fashion photography, as it is not all about studios and indoor fashion shows. Even so, deciding where what kind of a photoshoot of the event should be held is a huge part of the process, as it helps identify what the theme would be, how the event will take place, and so much more rides on the location. Some of the worlds leading fashion shows take place in stunning counties that have a long-standing history of fashion and breathtaking views. However, the fashion shows do not take place out on the road. They are set inside, but the location helps set the right mood. So as soon as you walk out you find yourself in the ideal location.

Location matters a great deal when I am working on outdoor shots, as you have to pick the perfect one. A location that is stunning, helps set the right tone, fits the theme, and does not overtake the model of the main point of focus. It might seem easy, but at times you will find yourself wondering if what you were really after was the model or the background.However, with time you will learn how to incorporate a stunning location, as just a background image. That will help you enhance the look of the overall image, without taking too many away from the main point of focus.

[pullquote] If you feel that a shoot will look stunning with a perfect mix of a stunning location, then do not back out.[/pullquote]

Which is why when I start looking at locations for an outdoor shoot, I take out time to completely visualize how the final image will look like, and how I can add small additions to help keep the model as the main focal point of the image. If you find it hard to balance out the image, then think of ways how your model’s appearance can be enhanced enough to bring it up to the mark.This way you will not have to worry about one aspect talking about the other one, and you can present an image that offers the perfect balance.

So the next time you take on an assignment think about where it would fit best. Is it an indoor shoot, or an outdoor shoot. This way you can start building on the base of the shoot, and it will really help you set the right mood in place. In addition, it will give you options about the theme, location, and the kind of mood you are looking to set with your image.

To be honest, the location plays a huge part when it comes to my images. As I am greatly open to shooting images that capture the great beauty this world holds, and I keep looking for ways I can incorporate that in my images.So if you feel that a shoot will look stunning with a perfect mix of a breathtaking location, then do not back out. As you will only learn by practicing, and once you have mastered the technique you will not have to worry about what location the client is suggesting.