If you aim to succeed in life, then there are a few dots you need to connect early on. As soon as you do, you will realize how your career has started moving forward, and how the process helps to get you on the right side of the track.  I have been working as a professional fashion photographer for some time now, and the process has helped me a great deal. Especially when it comes to getting on track with work.

Think about the process as a puzzle, like a connect the dots to get an image. Similarly, you will see that the same way you connected the dots in the puzzle, and got an image, here you will be able to create the perfect one. As being a professional fashion photographer is not an easy task. Life is not all about hanging out with beautiful models, and simply walking on sets and taking images. It is an elaborate process, that must be orchestrated by you alone. As everything that runs on your set is your responsibility and should be approved by you. Which is why it can easily turn into a long list of things you need to get done before you can start shooting.

It is an elaborate process, that must be orchestrated by you alone.

One of the things that have worked for me is to visualize the process in my head and go along each dot at a time. So by the time I have connected all the dots and the image start to appear, I am all set to take my images. This is a great way to ensure that each thing is set in place, or in motion so I do not have to worry about the entire shoot falling apart in the middle of the day. If you really want to get all the things done, start from the beginning. Yes, when you first met your client. Note down the ideas you guys had discussed, and form a plan based on those ideas.

Keep in mind that most clients are not okay with you taking the lead, and you will need to make them feel as they are part of the process so you can voice your concerns and get your message out there. This way you will be able to come up with a plan that works for both of you, and your clients will be happy. Once you have the plan set you can move on and pick a model. The process is not easy and might take a few long hours of auditioning, as you need to find the perfect fit.

Once that is set you can enter into the world of never-ending decisions on how the set will look like, who will do the hair and make, what props should be added, what colors need to be highlight, how are you going to tie in the theme with each image, which is a series of never-ending dots you need to deal with in order to get a perfect final image!