Winners and Pretenders – Photographers

In my humble opinion, if feel there are too many photographers today. Everyone holding a DSLR feels like the have are a photographer. Sadly, the cost of their camera is not what determines their skills. It’s how you utilized the device that determines your worth as a photographer.

Today, we will not just talk about fashion photographers, we will talk about photographers. Just photographer, who are starting out and haven’t picked up a specialty. First and foremost, there are too many of them, and each one thinks they are superior than the other one as they have a better (more expensive) camera.  So just to clear a few things out, it does not matter if the camera you are using is more expensive. As that is not what makes it a better photographer. I do not care what the girl/guy at the camera store told you, they probably just wanted to sell something expensive.

Secondly, if you do not know how to use the expensive camera you are carrying around, and only use it in Auto mode, then that camera is no better than any other camera in the market. Similarly, when you buy a sports car, but don’t drive over 40 mph.  No, I am not suggesting you drive faster. I am saying, if you are going 40 mph in a 60 mph lane, then there is no use. Because the person behind you will feel that the car is a waste for you.

So, to sum it all up, I suggest the losers learn, the winners keep on working hard, and there is no hope for the pretenders.

Similarly, when you are holding a $1000 camera, and using it on auto mode and hoping for a good shot, then any professional will take a good look at the image and tell you, how you just wasted a lot of money on a camera.  As you can achieve the same results from a Digicam. Again, no offense to Digicams, I had one. And it’s great if you want to simply take family photos.

A few weeks back I wrote an article about how you can pick the perfect DSLR for yourself, with a complete descriptive guide. If you missed it click on this link.

Now, coming back to the point. I would like to add, that there are three types of photographers these days.

  1. Losers – who just flashing around an expensive camera, and the salesperson set it up for them, and told them to point and click the silver button on top.
  2. Winners – these are the photographers who might not know what they are doing yet, but they learn with each passing day.
  3. And in my opinion, will make it to the top.
  4. Pretenders – these are the people who pretend to be professional fashion photographers, and have learned a bunch of words from the internet to impress people.

So, to sum it all up, I suggest the losers learn, the winners keep on working hard, and there is no hope for the pretenders. So I suggest the models to be aware of them. As they have a tendency to approach new models, and promise them the world.